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We are excited to announce we have an Attendance Hotline you can call 24 hours a day 7 days a week to report your student absent.  The phone number is 909-920-3101.

Students are expected to attend all classes every school day. Whenever possible, make medical, dental or other important appointments outside of school hours. A student who is habitually absent or tardy without sufficient cause may be referred to the School Attendance Review Board (SARB) or placed in an alternative school setting. The Upland Municipal Code (4240.10) requires parent/guardians ensure their child attends school. Students who are truant are subject to citation and appearance with their parent/guardian in court. A conviction for violation of UMC 4240.10 may result in a penalty of up to $1000 and/or imprisonment not exceeding six (6) months for the first violation. Subsequent convictions may result in increased penalties.

Absences from School:

  • Excusing Absence: All excused absences must be cleared through the office by the student’s parent/guardian within 1 school day of the original date of absence. If an absence is not cleared within 1 school day, the absence will remain unexcused. 

  • Truancy/ Unexcused absence: A truancy is an absence from class without clearance from the office. A student is truant when he/she is more than 30 minutes late to class. Any absence that is not cleared by parent within three days is unexcused and is treated the same as a truancy. It is the parent responsibility to clear all absences.

  • Tardy: Students who arrive to school after 8:00 am will be marked as tardy.

  • We have an amazing opportunity available to students to recover absences called Saturday Club.  Saturday Club occurs about once a month and is for students who have an absence to make up.  Please be on the look out for information that goes home and is sent via-email for our monthly Saturday Clubs. 


  • Students should only be picked up early for medical appointments or legitimate family emergencies.  

  • Students will be called to the office upon your arrival at the school. 

Change in Dismissal Routine:

  • Please send a message via classroom dojo if there will be a change in your child's dismissal routine.  For example, another family member picking the child up, walk home instead of parent pick up etc.

Independent Study Opportunity:

If your student is going to be absent for multiple days please call the office right away. 

Your student may have the opportunity to receive attendance credit in the event they miss 3 or more consecutive days of school by completing a schoolwork packet.  Please let the office know if you would like to take advantage of this opportunity right away.

Please review the following brochures for acceptable reasons for Excused Student Absences:

SARB Brochure_English (PDF)

SARB Brochure_Spanish (PDF)