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Think Together Cabrillo


  • Homework Assistance is provided to students individually or in small groups to help them better understand and fulfill daily assignments.  THINK Together staff and trained volunteers focus on inquiry to foster the child’s ability to work independently and think critically to guide them to the correct answer.
  • ELA (English Language Arts) is focused on Reading Literary and Informational Texts to support central ideas, reasoning and evaluation, key details, word meanings, analysis within/across text, text structures and features and language use.

  • Mathematics is focused on Concepts and Procedures with a focus on the priority cluster for each grade level.  Concepts are varied by grade with lessons that support to reinforce skill building, fluency and application to real-world problems.

  • STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) Education centers on developing content understanding and exploration through the Engineering Design Process and Scientific Method models.  We support the application of the Scientific Method in which youth explore questions of interest, predict what they think will result from an experiment, conduct the experiment and determining what was learned in the process through inquiry.  The Engineering Design Process allows students to explore steps that lead to the development of a new product or system through innovation.  Both models foster natural curiosity and provide students exposure to careers involved in STEM.

  • Youth Development is focused on providing student leadership opportunities throughout program by giving them voice and choice. Students are able to explore various roles and leadership opportunities and strengthen their social-emotional skills by developing healthy life-long habits in conflict and character education, physical activity, and nutrition.

  • Arts & Enrichment provide students an opportunity to expand their horizons with learning that is meaningful by exercising skills in visual and performing arts.  THINK Together is committed to supporting students’ mastery through various enrichment opportunities like music, dance, drama, and art. As one child remarked, “Before this I didn’t know I was a dancer.”  We offer regular opportunities for parents to celebrate their children’s accomplishments through organized family nights and various culminating events that showcase their talents.

After School Program at Cabrillo 

Site Coordinator:  Armando 

(909) 682-3313


Educational excellence and equity for all kids.


Create opportunities for all kids to discover their passions and reach their full potential.


Be accountable to our mission
Service above self
Treat others with dignity and respect
Open and honest communication
Collaborate internally and externally
Honor our commitments
Embrace diversity
Be humble
Enjoy the journey and have fun!
Continuous learning


After school program for Cabrillo Upland

Think Together Enrollment 23 24